The Story of a Brand

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av The Story of a Brand | Publicerades 2/6/2020

In Part 2, Kyle discusses When does profitability matter, The two places where his partner Dylan Whitman kept them disciplined and focused, Why they chose not to take equity from clients, What is an emotionally connected brand,  What are the two things Kyle looks at in an investment, Kyle's guided tour of his portfolio brands, and much more.

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The Story of a Brand Podcast is a show focused on e-commerce brands and the entrepreneurs, products, and customers that make up the brand. We believe that people want to buy from authentic Brands they love, admire, and to whom they feel community. Whether it’s how the brand obsesses over the customer experience or how they design or manufacturer their product or their stance on social issues. Our show attempts to illustrate the “Why” people connect to the Brands they love and perhaps just as important, how the Brand connects the customer to the world around them.