The Gym Business Simplified into 3 Parts with Vince Gabriele

  Brought to you by The Summits Are Back!  Click here for more info. Highlights of Special Episode 337.5 Vince Gabriele, owner of Gabriele Fitness and founder of Fitness Business University and Kiss Marketing  "The Gym Business Simplified into 3 Parts with Vince Gabriele We spoke about: Creating a more simplified business What football has to do with business Everything can be put into these categories (Looking at these 3 units separately to WIN) Offense Defense Special teams The difference between the SPF and the SOS gyms Understanding the balance between the components based on the stage of business your in OFFENSE- Attraction, who?  What We offer?  What are we doing to get them in? DEFENSE- Recruiting, hiring, training SPECIAL TEAMS- Financial Strength, Predictable Systems, Leadership The 4 Stages of Business- (listen to this podcast)   Test Vince's NEW Coaching Program...60 Days For $1   Partner Offer from AG1 by Athletic Greens Subscribe and get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D, 5 Travel packs and 20% off   Thanks for Listening!

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