An ethical farm-based skincare company built out of necessity | James Ray of Little Seed Farm in Lebanon, TN

How do you face financial uncertainty when making the move rurally? James Ray is someone who would describe himself as extremely cautious. In the city, he worked as  a financial analyst on Wall Street, and was well-aware of the risks associated with leaving steady employment. He saved nearly everything he made for years. When James and his wife Eileen finally made the move and purchased land, James kept his city job and telecommuted to help with the start up costs associated with getting their farm business up and running. However, less than 6 months after their move, Eileen became pregnant, and the company James was working for went under, leaving him jobless in their small community. They decided to try selling the goat milk soap Eileen had made for her grandmother in the farmers market circuit and it flew off the shelves. Even with their early success, they never could have imagined that in just a few years they would build a nationally recognized organic skin and body care brand with their small herd of goats.  In our discussion, we explore some of the challenges of building a manufacturing operation in a remote area, balancing home life, and prioritizing your values when it comes to building a profitable

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