The healing power of plants, a woman find calm and purpose reconnecting with the soil | Katrina Harvey owner of Soul Botanical Farms in Mulberry, FL

I’m excited to invite you to my conversation with Katrina Harvey, the passionate driving force behind of Soul Botanical Farms in Mulberry, Florida. Katrina became interested in plants after the devastating loss of her father and only sister. Following their deaths Katrina became overwhelmed by depression and anxiety. She realized that she just existed and wasn't leading a happy or fulfilling life. She went to work, came home, and went to bed - there was nothing feeding her soul. Katrina's coworker began bringing her plants and plant books as a way to connect with her. These kind gestures were the spark that started Katrina on her journey towards her life's purpose. Each plant Katrina brought home, the better she felt. She started planting flowers in her yard and then began planting her own food. It was the therapy she needed - healing mind, body and soul. Her anxiety and depression went away, she went vegetarian, and her overall health and outlook improved significantly. Spending time convening, conversing and working with plants was the medicine she needed to heal herself and find joy and passion in life again. What started as a hobby has evolved into her life’s purpose and now she is working towards building the only black-owned farm and plant nursery in her area. Katrina’s story illustrates that no matter the difficulties that life throws at you it is never too late to start over and find your peace and calling in life. Say yes to new experiences, get your hands dirty, and don’t give up on finding something that feeds your soul. I encourage you to contribute to Katrina’s capital campaign to get the infrastructure set up for Soul Botanical Farms. You can find a link to her gofundme, additional interview responses and pictures of her build out on our blog by visiting 

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