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The Middle Ages – The Very Short Introductions Podcast – Episode 11

av The Very Short Introductions Podcast | Publicerades 11/16/2020

In this episode, Miri Rubin introduces the Middle Ages, a term coined around 1450 to describe a thousand years of European history. Learn more about The Middle Ages: A Very Short Introduction here: Miri Rubin is Professor of Medieval History at Queen Mary University of London and Head of the School of History. She has taught at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and has held visiting positions in Paris, Princeton, and New York. Her research has explored areas of the religious cultures of medieval Europe, and has been influenced by an interdisciplinary approach which had benefited from the use of textual, visual and musical sources. Follow The Very Short Introductions Podcast on: – Apple Podcasts: – Blubrry: – Google Podcasts: – SoundCloud: – Spotify: – Stitcher: © Oxford University Press Twitter Facebook LinkedIn

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