Tisdagar the Way of the Showman

9 - Mythopoetic Carnival

av the Way of the Showman | Publicerades 8/3/2020

Mythopoetic means myth making. A grand voyage is undertaken, a quest is begun, we set sails on the Showmanship and seek a mythic continent, a land of tales, and characters, manifestations of the Showman's Craft. We seek a firm foundation in the lowest of the low. Arguments are made that this low ground is the Carnival. In all unearthing of meaning there is some digging needed, things will get a little dirty, but when the discoveries are resonant and fertile enough to plant a mythopoetic seed then perhaps we can grow an entire mythology of Showmanship. A mythological underground for the Circus and the Carnival. This theme of myth creation is so expansive it will follow us for the next few episodes. A few Show notes:Joseph Campbell - Hero with a thousand Faces. Influence on Star Wars (& others).Imposter Syndrome.Owen Barfield - Evolution of Consciousness and words as fossilised reflections of consciousness. Mythopoeia - J. R. R. TolkienThe Inklings.Freemasonry's two historiesMidway Chicago World FairBikini Kill - Carnival Ferris wheel 

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Philosophical and esoteric perspectives from a modern day Showman. The host Captain Frodo, internationally renowned circus performer and writer, talks about ideas related to "Carnival life, circus, imagination, showmanship, evolution, meaning of life, blah, blah, blah."(Quote from his wife). You can find me, and more of my writing at: www.thewayoftheshowman.com