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292 Spider-Man: Far Home is...

av The Weekly Planet | Publicerades 7/8/2019

Check out and use the offer code THEWEEKLYPLANET for $50 off. Hellllllo and hello? Spider-Man Far From Home is out so please enjoy our thoughts. In addition to that news of a pitched Superman movie that was rejected, trailers for Knives Out and Jumanj3, a new director for The Flash, more Akira and Sandman for TV maybe. Thanks for listening. Suggestible Podcast: Far From Home Easter Eggs: Donate Here Please: Live Show Melbourne July 21st: 0:00 The Start Of The Show 5:56 Man Of Steel Green Lantern Movies 12:01 A new and Little Mermaid 14:13 Knives Out 16:10 Jumanj3 19:01 The Flash get’s a director 22:52 More Akira 26:00 Sandman maybe for real 33:32 Spider-Man Far From Home (spoilers 46:24 - 1:13:12) 1:13:12 Letters It’s Time For Letters 1:21:57 What We Reading/What We Gonna Read James' Twitter ► Maso's Twitter ► Patreon ► T-Shirts/Merch ►   The Weekly Planet iTunes ►   The Weekly Planet Direct Download ► If you want to support the show by doing practically nothing, shop at Amazon via this link: A small percentage goes our way at no extra cost to you. Or something.   Also if you're from outside the US just visit the link then go to your countries page and it should work. I guess. I dunno. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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