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60. VACCINATION SPECIAL: Bee Movie (2007) dir. Simon J. Smith & Steve Hickner

av The Zillennial Canon | Publicerades 4/19/2021

Suffer through some symptoms with us as we try to make sense of this legendary film while under Pfizer's influence! GET VAXXED, STAY SAFE! Follow us on Twitter @zillennialcanon and Instagram @thezillennialcanon for memes and updates. Adam: @adam_notsandler Kyra: @garlicemoji Leave us a movie memory at ‪(631) 319-0112‬ or at ---Check out some more friends of the canon at

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Kyra Kaufer and Adam Sirdoreus explore the canon of film of those on the Millennial/Gen Z cusp. What did we watch? How did those films shape us?