This City

Series 2 Trailer

av This City | Publicerades 10/29/2020

Well hello there and welcome back to another series of This City, the podcast dedicated to the people, places and stories of the brilliant metropolis we call London! We have some incredible guests including Reni Eddo-Lodge, DJ Fat Tony, Skin, Munya Chawawa and Alex Scott to name a few, so subscribe now to make sure you're ready for the first episode dropping on Tuesday 3rd November, celebrating love letters to London from some of its most interesting and recognisable residents. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Join Clara Amfo as she explores the streets of London through the eyes of some of the city’s most recognisable names. Along the way she’ll discover the places that made them – from the pubs and restaurants they frequent, the spots that kickstarted their careers, to their favourite hidden gems that make the great metropolis we call London so special. One thing’s for sure, it all happened in This City.