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Season 11: Wins Per Win

av This Week in Blaseball | Publicerades 2/15/2021

Giovanni (@MarioPrime) and GB (@anacrusisnt) discuss Season 11, the Black Hole/Sun 2 mechanics, the Tigerbeams finals, and the redemption arc of 'Lone Star' Lars Taylor.  CONTACT US: @Weekinblaseball on twitter, or thisweekinblaseball@gmail.com. KO-FI: ko-fi.com/thisweekinblaseball.

Om Podcasten

Friends GB (@anacrusisnt) and Giovanni (@MarioPrime) discuss this week in the cultural event of blaseball. CONTACT US: thisweekinblaseball@gmail.com, or @weekinblaseball on twitter. SUPPORT US: https://ko-fi.com/thisweekinblaseball. Theme Song: "Get Normal" by the garages, off the album Encore.