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Time of Death Podcast

Episode 4: Death Row Syndrome

av Time of Death Podcast | Publicerades 8/14/2019

Welcome back! This week we will be discussing "Death Row Phenomenon" AKA "Death Row Syndrome". This deals with the mental state of death row inmates during their time on death row as they await their execution. We will also talk about the case of Michael Bruce Ross. Enjoy! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TimeofDeathPod. Also leave us a five star review on Apple Podcast.

Om Podcasten

Hey! My name is Taylor and I host the Time of Death Podcast. I decided to bring my interest in the death penalty to a bi-weekly podcast. Each week we will discuss the big news stories of the week as well as do a deep dive into a specific topic. This topic could be anything, a profile on an inmate or a state's history with the death penalty.So, if you're ready, stay tuned!