#88 Thomas "Tank" Johnson - Building The Largest Network Of Black-Owned Trucking Companies With UPS

Thomas “Tank” Johnson’s story starts out like many who have come from poverty, unfortunate circumstances and a rough childhood. Growing Up in Memphis, TN, Tank had his share troubles. Football would become his ticket to college and would get him out of that environment. Tanks talents would eventually lead him to the NFL where he would have a fruitful career and retire with the Falcons. The NFL would provide opportunities for Tank and his family that were beyond his wildest dreams coming from his circumstances. Tank would have many memorable moments and enjoyed his career ,however, like most athletes life after sports can be an uphill battle and very difficult to find your footing. Tank had to start over, and find a career outside of sports. One of the most pivotal moments for Tank would be joining a program for Athletes going back into the workforce. Through this program, Tank had now found transportation. He started off by working as an intern to learn before starting his own company with some friends. Through some ups and downs and and extremely interesting turn of events, Tank, would eventually partner with UPS . Tank’s company did such a great job with UPS they offered to invest in his company to increase his capacity as they had interest in diversifying with minority carriers and simply did not have enough performing at Tank’s companies level. At this moment a lightbulb went off for Tank “How about a Consortium concept?” Instead of taking the opportunity for himself Tank decided to reach out to his Network and offer the work to other minority carriers he knew. Not long afterwards he would pool together over 500 minority carrier units for UPS and his concept became a reality. With this consortium concept, Tank and his team controls and helps to allocate millions of UPS’s spend to Only black and minority carriers. Tank has plans to replicate this concept with other larger outfits and create more opportunities in the future. To learn more about the consortium click here https://uniteusglobalcarriers.rmissecure.com/_s/reg/GeneralRequirementsV2.aspx and UniteUs Global https://www.uniteusglobal.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/trucknhustle/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/trucknhustle/support Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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