TJG: Ep212: Summer House // RHOD // RHOA // RHONJ

A LOT of news happening this week: Scheana had Summer Moon to complete Vanderpump Drools filming has started for VPR; the ALL STARS are currently filming in Turks and Caico! We say goodbye to the end of Summer House, which we are truly sad about. What a great season! In Dallas, we have very differing opinions of Kary: did she redeem herself this episode or was this her final episode? Who should come back next season? On the Atlanta reunion, we got back to the dungeon and dissect Kenya vs Drew. We love how Andy warned Ralph that there are PI's all over the country now so he can't be going to strip clubs in Tampa (welcome to SMPI!). In New Jersey, we see Frank pay up for his bets and literally kiss Joey Gorga's ass. Tre is denying her love even though everybody already knows (poor Dave) and is Delores a "broken woman?" Come judge with us! You can find us on social media:Instagram: @twojudgeygirlsFacebook: ACast, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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