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Ep.104 Silent Whispers

av UFO Chronicles Podcast | Publicerades 5/2/2021

Today we are joined by Tami from Colorado sharing her E.T encounters ,experiences of being paralyzed by the Greys while one was standing near watching her while others were outside her bedroom door. Tami works nationally and internationally as a medium/clairvoyant, and travels seeking and finding deceased children who have been tortured through human experiments like the MK Ultra programs and need help to cross over.More information on this episode on the podcast website:https://ufochroniclespodcast.com/ep-104-silent-whispers/Tami Urbanek work website is:http://empowermentthroughhealing.orgTami’s Bookshttps://silentwhispersbook.com/Email: tamiurbanek@hotmail.comWant to share your encounter on the show? Email: UFOChronicles@gmail.comPodcast Merchandise:https://www.teepublic.com/user/ufo-chronicles-podcastHelp Support UFO CHRONICLES Podcast by becoming a Patron:www.patreon.com/UFOChroniclespodcastor tip and support as a one-off donationhttps://ko-fi.com/ufochroniclespodcastWe have partnered with Advertise Cast to handle our advertising/sponsorship requests. They're great to work with and will help you advertise on our show. Please click the link below to get started.https://www.advertisecast.com/UFOChroniclesPodcastThank you for listening!Please leave a review if you enjoy the show, and everyone that leaves a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts will get a shout-out on the following show.

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