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Environment Transitions with Paul Shaw

av UK Coaching Podcasts | Publicerades 4/28/2020

  Former Head of Performance of England Women’s cricket team, Paul Shaw talks to Chris Chapman and shares his experience of what transitions look like and why they’re important. Transitioning into a new environment within a talent pathway is a vital part of a player’s development. How do you know if someone’s ready for that change? How do you get them ready? It’s doesn’t need to be all down to you as the coach. Creating a system of mentors and buddies can support people as they transition in, while transitioning out is made easier if you’re proactive in recognising when it’s going to happen, and understanding how it’s likely to affect them.   Whatever your role, if you're helping people to be active and improve, we're here for you. Visit UKCoaching.org to grow your coaching skills and be part of the community

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