22 | Midwife Hannah's positive induced VBAC following an emergency caesarean with a posterior baby; Gestational Hypertension, Public Hospitals, Continuity of Midwifery Care

In today's episode we meet Hannah, a midwife and mum of two living with her husband in Brisbane. Hannah was not expecting her first birth to end in a caesarean at all, but despite a difficult and challenging labour her son's birth was overall a positive experience. Hannah suffered an early miscarriage in-between her son and her daughter's births, but knew when the time came to give birth again she would definitely try for a VBAC. Her third pregnancy was going pretty smoothly until she was diagnosed with gestational hypertension. Her hospital's policy was to induce, which concerned Hannah as she knew the risks involved with induction and how it could potentially negatively affect her chances of experiencing the vaginal birth she was hoping for. It was her midwife colleagues who restored faith in her, and Hannah ended up achieving a swift drug-free induced VBAC that even caught her by surprise. Possible trigger: Please note there is mention of infant mortality in relation to uterine rupture in this episode. ~ Notes ~ Book references: Silent Knife by Nancy Wainer Cohen and Lois Estner. & Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch http://www.jujusundin.com/ Spinning Babies https://www.spinningbabies.com/pregnancy-birth/daily-activities/ Pregnancy Loss: https://www.bearsofhope.org.au https://rednosegriefandloss.org.au https://miscarriagesupport.org.au **VBAC Birth Stories features women's lived experiences. It is not intended to replace medical advice. Should you have any concerns during your pregnancy please always consult your healthcare provider. Please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram: @vbacbirthstories

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A podcast featuring Australians sharing their journey of vaginal birth after caesarean. Through sharing and learning from each other's lived experiences the podcast is designed to empower and educate those whose VBAC journey may have just begun, help all expecting mums achieve a more natural birth if that is their intention, and better inform birth professionals about one's journey to a VBAC.