32 | Crystal's drug-free VBAC following elective caesarean with twins; Breech, Breastfeeding, ECV, Small Babies, "Failing" Placenta, Public Hospitals, MGP, Hypnobirthing

In today's episode we chat to Queensland mum of three and co-creator of the clothing brand Sunday Wild, Crystal, about her VBAC journey which began with an elective caesarean with her twin daughters. Crystal tells her story with a refreshing humour and warmth and speaks to the fact that not all elective caesareans are really wanted. During our chat Crystal touchingly realises with hindsight what could have been possible, but was sadly taken away from her after her caesarean. Crystal's story is really about personal growth and the self advocacy that can come with evidence based research and trust in a mother's intuition. Crystal kept her finger on the pulse during her VBAC pregnancy when her daughter was sitting in breech position early on and prepared herself for every possible outcome. Crystal highlights the importance of the 'golden hour' after birth and how it can affect breastfeeding relationships, and how our hospital protocols can sometimes undermine this. An important listen for not only VBAC mothers but first time mums too and care providers - it is important to understand the profound impact a woman's birth experience can have on her transition from maiden to mother. You can connect with Crystal on instagram: @crystallouu Clothing label: @sundaywildlabel https://sundaywildlabel.com/ ~ Notes ~ VBAC Australia Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/342851302473349 Breech Birth Australia & New Zealand support group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/breech Spinning Babies: spinningbabies.com Blissful Herbs (labour tea): https://www.blissfulherbs.com.au Made to Milk (colostrum expressing kit): https://www.madetomilk.com.au/ **VBAC Birth Stories features women's lived experiences. It is not intended to replace medical advice. Should you have any concerns during your pregnancy please always consult your healthcare provider. Please connect with us on Facebook or Instagram: @vbacbirthstories

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A podcast featuring Australians sharing their journey of vaginal birth after caesarean. Through sharing and learning from each other's lived experiences the podcast is designed to empower and educate those whose VBAC journey may have just begun, help all expecting mums achieve a more natural birth if that is their intention, and better inform birth professionals about one's journey to a VBAC.