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Marriage and Mental Health

av Victims and Villains | Publicerades 3/6/2020

Movies are meant to be for conversation. Marriage Story is a movie that opens up the conversation wide. They say that life can imitate art. For writer-director, Noah Baumbach, the journey and therapy that made 2019’s Marriage Story possible – had to have been incredibly difficult. Noah isn’t the only one who can be inspired. The movie, Marriage Story, left me with a question – what is the correlation between our own mental health and marriage or divorce? In this first, of two, part series, we’re sitting down with a marriage counselor to ask just those question. How does marriage positively affect the mental health of a spouse? How do the actions of one affect the mental health of the other? All these questions and more in this intimate episode of Victims and Villains!

If you or someone you know is reading this right now and you are struggling with suicide, depresison, addiction, or self-harm - please reach out. Comment, message or tweet to us. Go to for more resources. Call the suicide lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Text "HELP" to 741-741. There is hope & you DO have so much value and worth!

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