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Justin's Process for Turning Educational Videos into Engaging Stories [Ep.#258]

av Video Creators | Publicerades 3/29/2021

The normal approach for most creators making educational content on YouTube is to just straight up teach the content. Provide the cold, hard facts and wrap up the video. After all, years of experience in the modern educational system have taught us to deliver information void of emotion, feelings, and sometimes even context. While there is still certainly a place on YouTube for tutorials and educational content that delivers information in that way, there's another approach to education that, when done well, many people don't even notice that it's actually education. That's because the education is wrapped up in a story that captures the viewer's attention, holds their attention, and actually makes them feel something. It gets the viewer's heart involved and, before long, causes them to even build a perceived relationship with the educator. Those are the channels that often find the most success on social media platforms like YouTube. Justin Rhodes is a great example of this. As a homesteading channel, if his videos were strictly about how to raise chickens and plant a garden, he'd have some success, but he'd be at a much higher risk of blending in with literally thousands of other videos that essentially say the same thing as his videos. Instead, Justin has quickly risen above the competition by wrapping engaging and heart-felt stories around the education he provides and, as a result, has grown a successful business that now supports his family and a small team. In this episode, Justin will share his process for how he takes what most people would turn into a normal tutorial or educational video and instead wraps a story around it that captures not only your attention, but your heart, too, which more quickly converts viewers into subscribers, subscribers into fans, and fans into customers. Check out Justin's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOSGEokQQcdAVFuL_Aq8dlg

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