213Rock Harrag Melodica 22 02 2021

av VINYLESTIMES CLASSIC ROCK RADIO | Publicerades 2/23/2021

213Rock Harrag Melodica 22 02 2021 Intro 213Rock  Beyond the Black Golden Pariahs Orden Ogan Heart of the Android  Powerwolf Army of the Night  Allen Olzon No Sign of Life  Brothers of Metal Chain Breaker  Soilwork The Nothingness and the Devil  Orden Ogan In the Dawn of the Ai Live Interview with Seeb of Orden Ogan  Orden Ogan Inferno Demons and Wizards Diabolic Madama Rock Harrag Melodica #RockNews  SmackBound Run  Evergrey Forever Outsider  Ronnie Atkins One Shot  Ricky Warwick When Life was hard & Fast Holy Mother Today  Papa Roach Broken as Me  Ghosts of Atlantis The Third Pillar  Sirenia We Come to Ruins  SmackBound The Game 

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