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Weekly Suit Gundam #57 – Reviewing the Original SD Gundam Shorts!

When our other, ‘mothership’ podcast, The Weekly Stuff, turned 10 years old last month, we celebrated with a whopping 10-hour podcast celebration, each hour devoted to a different topic we’ve covered over the years. One of those, of course, was Gundam, and we wanted to share that segment with Weekly Suit Gundam listeners as a standalone episode, because it’s a very fun conversation about a corner of the Gundam world we’ve never discussed before: SD Gundam! That’s right – on today’s show, we’re talking all about the super-deformed world of chibi Gundam comedy by looking at the original theatrical shorts from the late 80s and early 90s, including SD Gundam Mk. 1, Mk. 2, Mk. 4, and SD Gundam Counterattack! Do they hold up 30 years later? Are they funny? Are they weirdly offensive? Are they kind of boring and annoying? It depends! We talk all about it before finishing up the episode with a look at the insanely surreal FMV cutscenes from Gundam 0079: The War for Earth, an obscure but also kind of iconic ‘video game’ from 1996. Enjoy, and come back next week for our review of the new Gundam movie, Cucuruz Doan’s Island! Time Chart: Intro: 0:00:00 – 0:02:31 SD Gundam Mk. 1: 0:02:31 – 0:18:41 SD Gundam Mk. 2: 0:18:41 – 0:28:51 SD Gundam Counterattack: 0:28:51 – 0:33:07 SD Gundam Mk. 4: 0:33:07 – 0:45:39 Gundam 0079 – The War for Earth: 0:45:39 – 1:03:11 Subscribe to The Weekly Stuff Podcast! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Follow Jonathan Lack on Twitter @JonathanLack  Follow Sean Chapman on Twitter @SeantheChapman  WeeklySuitGundam.Com

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Japanimation Station is an anime podcast where hosts Jonathan Lack and Sean Chapman, creators of Weekly Suit Gundam, create deep dive conversations not just on individual shows, but on complete bodies of work, approaching these shows not just as fans, but with a fresh pair of critical eyes. We get deep into the stories, characters, and aesthetics, but also place the series and their creators into the proper contexts of history, backstory, and behind the scenes details that make these works so special. And, hopefully, we’ll have some fun along the way. Welcome to Japanimation Station.