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Ep.40 Holly Smith - Back to the office

This week, Karen is joined by Holly Smith, Senior Solutions Consultant at Databricks. They share their respective experience working from home and how they feel about going back to the office. On top of that, you will find tips to help you make the return to the office work for you. From managing your time and reviewing your priorities, to reinventing your commute and defining how you will use your time in the office, this conversation will hopefully help you shape your post lockdown routine.   *****************************  Reading recommendations:  *****************************  Atomic habits by James Clear  Decisive how to make better choices in life and work by Chip Heath and Dan Heath 

Om Podcasten

Welcome to the Women in Data Podcast, where every other week your host, Karen Jean-Francois interviews some of the most inspiring women working in data. Through each episode, they share their invaluable experience and knowledge. Leaving no stone unturned, the WiD Podcast series will provide you with information on the use of data in various industries, plus helpful tips for career development. More importantly, it will enable you to become the data professional you want to be.