EP 122: My Content Repurposing Strategy (NOT What You Think)

If you’ve heard people talking about repurposing content, you’re probably heard something like this:Plan and film one video, then edit it and turn it into 8, 9, 10 pieces of content! One video turns into a YouTube video, a podcast, a blog post, social media posts, a newsletter, and more! The gurus will tell you this is a smart, time-saving way to multiply your efforts so you can show up everywhere online.Sounds great, right?The only problem is, it doesn’t work.Which is why today I’m sharing my content repurposing strategy that makes effective use of my content and my time.Listen to the full episode to hear:* Why posts from standard repurposing advice fall flat* How I create content that works for multiple platforms based on my YouTube videos* Why promoting your content isn’t the same as repurposing itLearn more about Gillian:* Small Business 101 (https://gillianperkins.com/101/)* Startup Society (https://startupsociety.com/)* Get on the waitlist for VALIDATE (http://gillianperkins.com/validate)* Profit Planning Challenge (https://www.gillianperkins.com/plan-your-business-for-profit/)* Get in touch! (https://gillianperkins.com/contact-podcast-form/)* Instagram: @GillianZPerkins (https://www.instagram.com/gillianzperkins/)

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