Torsdagar WTAF Show with Gareth Icke & Richard Willett

WTAF'in New President with Rich & Gaz

av WTAF Show with Gareth Icke & Richard Willett | Publicerades 1/21/2021

Well it has been a hell of a few days in the United States of China with a new President in Biden who often does not appear to know where he is. The world is pure mental, so hopefully this show helps you feel like you are less alone in your sanity.

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It's the year 2020 and frankly the world is now a mad house. We take a look at some of the most recent stories and highlight the complete and utter madness of it all, which underneath is pushing us towards a system of control that will be anything but funny. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO We truly now live in a Clown World where the predator class (the 1%) want to force you to believe or at least parrot that 2 + 2 equals 5. Produced by Richard Willett & Gareth Icke