004. What time management is really about - and it's not time.

Time management is often regarded as the key ingredient in productivity. But even if you manage your time and plan a few hours out of the day to complete certain tasks, what guarantee is there that you're actually going to achieve progress during those time blocks? This episode discusses why time management might not necessarily work for boosting productivity and introduces an alternative option.

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So you probably know what it's like to stress over assignments, deadlines, and exams for months on end. You've been in a state of chaotic disorganization and complete lack of motivation. You've asked yourself, "what does studying even mean besides the words 'student' and 'dying' being put together?" 100% is a podcast by Janice Studies that dives into the positives and negatives of the student experience, draws from personal encounters, and attempts to help students discover new and insightful ways to approach all things related to learning and studying.