Branding Accessibility

We don’t always decide what we hear or how we hear it – but that’s changing. KR Liu, the new head of brand accessibility at Google, has a mission to bring accessibility to the masses and she’s not going to stop until everyone’s listening. A pioneer in the hard of hearing community, a sales powerhouse, a policy wonk and a creative technologist in her own rite, KR’s interests and ambitions are as vast as her experience. In her new role at Google, KR has a big task: to craft approaches, policies, and campaigns to promote and enhance what “accessibility” means at the company and by extension, for the world of information. We chatted with KR about growing up hard of hearing, reading peoples’ body language and how to stitch accessibility into mainstream consciousness.

Om Podcasten

“Accessibility” is more than just a setting on your phone or something you do to help the disabled – it’s the reason we have talking devices, voice recognition and sidewalk ramps. We couldn’t have an inclusive, diverse society without accessibility specialists working behind the scenes to make sure products and services work for everyone. 13 Letters features some of the world’s leading accessibility minds, talking about what they do and how accessibility affects billions of people every day.