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E435 The Last Episode | When Endings Become New Beginnings

av 15 Minutes to Freedom | Publicerades 7/1/2019

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  After more than 430 episodes of 15 Minutes to Freedom, it’s time to shift in a new direction.  After putting out consistent daily content for more than a year, I’ve decided to end 15 Minutes to Freedom. But as this chapter comes to an end, another begins in the form of an entire network of Life Optimization content. Starting July 1, the Optimized Life Show will be my new home in the world of podcasts, along with Optimized Health, Optimized Marriage, and a few others featuring friends like Taylor Sappington, my fabulous wife, and so much more!


If you’ve enjoyed 15 Minutes To Freedom, please join me as we migrate to the Optimized Life Show, and don’t forget to subscribe and give me a rating and review to help spread the reach of the show. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/optimized-life-with-ryan-niddel/id1470332610


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15 Minutes to Freedom is an unfiltered daily dive into the life lessons and mistakes of Ryan. Using his life experiences as an unfiltered guide, Ryan puts his experiences in perspective to help you expand your own life. Topics range from the importance of owning your truth, tapping into your own spirituality, and much more. The sole purpose of this daily show is to offer relatable guidance, provide information, and inspire you to re-align and take action!