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av 15 Minutes to Freedom | Publicerades 12/2/2019

No matter how well you think you're doing, it's always important to check where you're at.  Recently, a former girlfriend reached out to me.  Trust me, it's not what you think.  Her father was my first mentor and laid my foundation on what success in business and family looks like.  It's something that should have been so obvious, but until she contacted me it seems I never made the connection.  In today's episode, I discuss why being open is essential to success and how being closed will keeps you stuck.  Are you closing yourself off to the best version of you?  Listen today to find out!

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15 Minutes to Freedom is an unfiltered daily dive into the life lessons and mistakes of Ryan. Using his life experiences as an unfiltered guide, Ryan puts his experiences in perspective to help you expand your own life. Topics range from the importance of owning your truth, tapping into your own spirituality, and much more. The sole purpose of this daily show is to offer relatable guidance, provide information, and inspire you to re-align and take action!