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CRISPR! Policy, Platform, Trials (#11)

av 16 Minutes News by a16z | Publicerades 10/8/2019

News and trends covered this week -- all about the latest policy and in practice implication for CRISPR -- include: * California law requiring labels for self-editing kits (that don't exist yet) * Alliance (including 13 of the most active companies in gene editing for therapeutics) statement against germline editing at this time -- and parallels/differences given China CRISPR babies scandal & recombinant DNA from 1970s * clinical trials for CRISPR come of age, with first publicly identified patient (for sickle cell disease) and first study inside the human body (for inherited congenital blindness) * CRISPR as a platform, applications, and what all of this means for innovation …with @jorgecondebio @andy23tran and host @smc90.

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