'If you don't like eye contact, get a boob job'

When Robyn and Jamie phone autism advocate Carly Jones, things get surreal and a bit naughty. It takes Jamie's mind off a distressing smell, but this episode might not be one for listening to with young children in the room. Policy expert Carly explains the roll of "Out of Order" stickers in her handbag and why some people are no longer giving her unwelcome eye contact. Robyn recorded this one from San Francisco, long before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. They share travel tips, like how to use social stories when things go wrong on a trip, and experiences such as the time Jamie felt like he was upside down on a long-haul flight. Produced by Emma Tracey Subscribe to the podcast on BBC Sounds or say "Ask the BBC for 1800 Seconds on Autism" to your smart speaker. Email stim@bbc.co.uk

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From home and family to humour and epic geekiness, this is a funny and enlightening podcast about thinking differently. With autistic hosts Robyn Steward, Jamie Knight and guests.