Normalising talking about sex

Oloni, Sex & Relationship Expert and Body Positivity Blogger, Megan Jayne Crabbe join Richie to discuss normalising conversations about sex within black communities. @1Xtra on social and #1XtraTalks @00:34:07 Oloni argues some men just don't like women beyond having sex with them @00:34:20 Oloni discussing the 'orgasm gap' and claims lesbian women have better sex than some heterosexual women @00:34:56 Oloni on men that don't do oral sex on their female partners @00:41:15 Megan on changing the narrative around orgasms @00:47:41 Yolanda on the idea that mums are desexualised from sections of society 1Xtra Talks with Richie Brave is the biggest group chat of the week, with discussions about issues that affect the black community in the UK.

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Richie Brave hosts the biggest group chat of the week.