Episode 121: Is There a Bright Side to SSRIs?

If you aren't taking an SSRI yourself, there it's almost certain you know someone who does. Selective Serotoning Reuptake Inhibitors are one of the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs out there. Is their widespread use earned on the basis of good evidence? It's not clear - let's take a look. References: Genetic and clinical predictors of sexual dysfunction in citalopram-treated depressed patients. Perlis RH, Laje G, Smoller JW, Fava M, Rush AJ, McMahon FJ Neuropsychopharmacology. 2009;34(7):1819. Epub 2009 Mar 18.  Be sure and subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher if you haven’t already.  And you know we’d appreciate it so much if you would tell your friends about 2 Docs Talk! Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher Now Available on Google Play Music!  

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Join cohosts Kendall Britt, MD and Amy Rogers, MD for a 15 minute check-up on current issues in medicine and health policy. The doctors examine current medical concerns in light of the best available medical evidence and the policy issues of the day with a focus on their impact on the doctor patient relationship.