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2 Minute Jazz

Two-Handed Fourth Voicings - Peter Martin | 2 Minute Jazz

av 2 Minute Jazz | Publicerades 5/3/2019

Peter Martin shows you different movements and scales you can combine to add variety to your voicings.


What's going on everybody? Peter Martin here, just wanna talk a little bit about two-handed voicings, use of fourths that can be so useful. Just playing around a little bit over "Autumn Leaves." And especially when you combine them with other types of voicings, maybe even kind of block chords situations. Kind of traditional stuff.

And then when we play in the fourths, these are all perfect fourths and there's certainly a lot that you can do just moving around chromatically. But don't sleep on the diatonic movement with those fourths.

What I mean there is we're just going up, C minor Dorian. You can throw in some chromatic chords too, but the idea being that we don't have to just do, we could do diatonic, just going up that C Dorian scale or B flat major scale.

So, you wanna have those in your hands. You can go six notes, you can go five, you can go four. But when you combine them with other voicings, that's when it gets really interesting. Right?

All right, happy practicing.


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