3 Point Perspective: The Illustration Podcast

Websites and Online Portfolios

av 3 Point Perspective: The Illustration Podcast | Publicerades 2/25/2020

Your website is your home online. Potential clients, fans, and fellow illustrators will look to your website to feel out who you are, what your work is like, and whether they want to work with you or follow you. This week, Jake Parker, Lee White, and Will Terry offer a comprehensive look at building a website for illustrators, how to get your portfolio site up and running, and how to organize the art in your space so that you can put your best foot forward and show your work -- and your personality -- to the world.

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Illustrators Will Terry, Lee White, and Jake Parker talk about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.