120: The Don't Get Ghosted Playbook

Section I: Preventing yourself from getting ghosted Pre-Meeting Confirm the calendar invite Set the placeholder Create a pre-meeting agenda Never leave a cancellation without a meeting, always punt the invite In the discovery call Upfront contract Labeling questions “sounds like” Question behind the question At the end of a discovery call: 5-minute drill Use a JEP / align on next next steps Benign note Section II: So you got ghosted, what do you do? Channels Communications: Call, LinkedIn, send something Targets: Call other prospects in the deal. Call the front line Change the voice: Use an exec-to-exec touch Messaging - Key is pitch-light / pushing away Did I mess something up? Did I lose you? If going above their head When to give it up? No bilateral communication within 30 days — it’s done From there… Charly’s value add / warming drip 1x / month Go prospect other people. X Company didn’t reject you, just that one person did Keep reminders on for new hires/events at the company Danger zone tactics Cold invite Going over their head Door knocking Weekly donut THE LATEST FROM 30MPC Catch the next 30MPC Live Steal the latest sales templates here THINGS YOU CAN STEAL Prospecting: Email Templates UserGems’ Job Change Sequence Gong’s Hyper-Persuasive Email Templates Lavender’s Sales Email Frameworks Prospecting: Guides Outreach’s Sequence & Snippets to Create & Close Woodpecker’s Email Substance & Deliverability Guide Orum’s 500 Free Dials Discovery Wingman’s In-App Objection Handling Battlecards Sales Process Accord’s Mutual Action Plan Template Dooly’s Pre-Meeting Prep Template Prolifiq’s Multithreading Playbook ONE ASK You know we feel a bit awkward asking, but if you made it this far, it would mean the world if you gave us a 5-star review. It will increase your chances of making President’s Club by 227%. Okay maybe not, but we’d still really love you for it :)

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