125: Active listening to loosen up your discovery calls and first dates (Samantha McKenna, Founder @ #samsales Consulting)

FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS 3-step process every time you book a meeting: Show gratitude, send an invite with your company name first, and connect with them on LinkedIn. Use a pre-call checklist for discovery. Research everything you can about your buyer and show them you know them in the first 5 minutes of the call. Use “typically” language when prospects are hesitant to open up. By sharing common situations, it allows them to nail down their specific problem(s). Once you get to a problem, tell a story: “You make me think of a customer where XYZ was the problem, ABC is what we did, which led to 123 results”. This helps build trust and gets them to open up further. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Founder @ #samsales Consulting Head of Sales, Enterprise, NYC @ LinkedIn VP, Sales, Enterprise @ ON24 Regional Sales Director, Enterprise @ Vcall THE LATEST FROM 30MPC Catch the next 30MPC Live Steal the latest sales templates here THINGS YOU CAN STEAL Prospecting: Email Templates UserGems’ Job Change Sequence Gong’s Hyper-Persuasive Email Templates Lavender’s Sales Email Frameworks Prospecting: Guides Outreach’s Email Subject Line Guide Woodpecker’s Email Substance & Deliverability Guide Orum’s 500 Free Dials  Discovery Wingman’s In-App Objection Handling Battlecards Sales Process Accord’s Mutual Action Plan Template Dooly’s Pre-Meeting Prep Template Prolifiq’s Multithreading Playbook ONE ASK You know we feel a bit awkward asking, but if you made it this far, it would mean the world if you gave us a 5-star review. It will increase your chances of making President’s Club by 227%.

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30 minutes. No sales academia. Only actionable sales tactics. Nick sells enterprise deals solo. Armand runs a team of 40 SMB AE's and SDR's. Together they break down sales strategies you can use to start winning more deals today.