130: Asking questions that get your buyer talking about impact vs features (Morgan Melo, Enterprise Account Executive @ Pave)

FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Use typically language and stories to gain credibility with your prospect, leading to deeper discovery. Ask your champion how they plan on justifying a purchase to the larger org. This aligns you to business level problems and also serves as champion validation.  Mirror multithreading in the sales cycle. Bring a VP for a CXO. Bring an SE for a technical buyer. Bring in product for someone cross-functional. Leverage your own senior leaders to story-tell and pull in the people at power during the demo. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Enterprise Account Executive @ Pave Healthcare & Life Science Account Executive @ Carta Client Strategist @ PwC THE LATEST FROM 30MPC Catch the next 30MPC Live Steal the latest sales templates here THINGS YOU CAN STEAL Prospecting: Email Templates UserGems’ Job Change Sequence Gong’s Hyper-Persuasive Email Templates Lavender’s Sales Email Frameworks Prospecting: Guides Outreach’s Sequence & Snippets to Create & Close Woodpecker’s Email Substance & Deliverability Guide Orum’s 500 Free Dials Discovery Wingman’s In-App Objection Handling Battlecards Sales Process Accord’s Mutual Action Plan Template Dooly’s Pre-Meeting Prep Template Prolifiq’s Multithreading Playbook ONE ASK You know we feel a bit awkward asking, but if you made it this far, it would mean the world if you gave us a 5-star review. It will increase your chances of making President’s Club by 227%. Okay maybe not, but we’d still really love you for it :)

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30 minutes. No sales academia. Only actionable sales tactics. Nick sells enterprise deals solo. Armand runs a team of 40 SMB AE's and SDR's. Together they break down sales strategies you can use to start winning more deals today.