3rd Culture Bloc

S02 E05 :: Third culture phone home

av 3rd Culture Bloc | Publicerades 3/13/2021

In this episode, we explore the ups and downs of communicating with family back home before the advent of apps like Whatsapp and Viber and the many challenges faced when we finally got a hold of each other. This week's question time asks, does technology make it easier or harder to stay in touch with people? Reach out to us with your thoughts on our Twitter or Instagram @3rdCultureBloc! _________ @libyandesertrose - Wesaal Gebril  @ummahrican - Ahmed Mustafa @mohammedzismail - Mohammed Ismail

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Third culture Bloc. A podcast where three 3rd Culture artists (Wesaal Gebriel, Ahmed Mustafa and Mohammed Ismail) talk about our experiences that have led us to be the artists they are today.