3rd Culture Bloc

S02 E11 :: Ramadan special

av 3rd Culture Bloc | Publicerades 4/23/2021

In this episode, we tackle the gorilla in the room seen across the Muslim world during the Holy month of Ramadan - overeating and food wastage - why Ramadan has become synonymous with food, its dire effects and how we can start to fix the problem. Question time asks: Commercialisation has unfortunately turned Ramadan into a month of overeating and waste. what’s the fix? Reach out to us with your thoughts on our Twitter or Instagram @3rdCultureBloc! _________ @libyandesertrose - Wesaal Gebril  @ummahrican - Ahmed Mustafa @mohammedzismail - Mohammed Ismail

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Third culture Bloc. A podcast where three 3rd Culture artists (Wesaal Gebriel, Ahmed Mustafa and Mohammed Ismail) talk about our experiences that have led us to be the artists they are today.