500 Words’ Bedtime Stories

Wiley Words and Pesky Punctuation

av 500 Words’ Bedtime Stories | Publicerades 4/24/2020

The 500 Words Competition is back for it's 10th year and that means the podcast is too. In this episode Dick & Dom are delayed by a clever riddle by those pesky diddies, while they share more stories written by YOU. However, Dick and Dom strike back with a clever riddle of their own. So whether it’s bed-time listening or some writing inspiration, sit back and let Dick & Dom take it away with the BBC Radio Drama Company reading 'Speaking With No Words','My Dysgraphic Word Zoo', 'The Word That Wouldn't Come Out', 'The Full Stop That Wanted To Be Different', 'Alone', and '500 Words To Literary Hell'. Find out more about 500 Words at bbc.co.uk/500Words.

Om Podcasten

Bedtime stories for kids, written by kids. A selection of sensational stories from the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show 500 Words competition.