6 Figure Home Studio: A Home Recording Business Podcast

#125: How To Build An Online Recording Studio That Employs 30+ Engineers - With Joe Wadsworth

av 6 Figure Home Studio: A Home Recording Business Podcast | Publicerades 3/31/2020

This virus isn’t going away soon. As things continue, reality becomes bleaker and bleaker. But it doesn’t have to mean the end of your business! Joe Wadsworth's business has over 30 audio engineers and producers on staff, and he’s in the process of hiring more simply because he can’t keep up with the amount of work coming in. Listen now to find out what sets Joe’s business apart from all the other recording studios who are struggling right now so you can make it through this crisis.

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Do you have a passion for producing, recording, mixing, or mastering music? Do you want to quit your day job so you can focus on your studio full time? Most us are simply musicians who fell into this because of our passion for creating art in the form of better music, better mixes, and better recordings. Very few of us went to business school, have any sort of formal business training, or have experience running businesses in the past. Throughout The Six Figure Home Studio Podcast, Brian Hood and Chris Graham will help you learn what actually matters in this confusing world of business. Don't let the “business stuff” hold you back from running a successful home recording studio.