Episode 52 - an elegant format for a more civilised age

As usual, you can find the patreon at patreon/highlandercast, the facebook group at facebook/highlandercast, or talk to us on twitter @highlandercast, or Vance as @vanciannotions The discord is at https://discord.gg/N3z72r2. Toli can be found as @twofootedgiant on both twitter and the discord. There’s also a new reddit group at https://www.reddit.com/r/7ph. Also, I forgot to mention - if you go to moxfield.com their deck creation tool recognises 7pH as a format, and tracks your points for you! Site is easy to use and the owners are super responsive to feature requests, so go check it out.

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This is the 7 point Highlander cast, where we tell you all about 7 Point Highlander, the greatest of magic formats