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022 - Designing a Sneaker for Nike, Muslim Entrepreneurship (Hanan Abdel- Khalek)

av 786 Boulevard | Publicerades 1/10/2021

Hanan Abdel- Khalek, featured in British GQ, is a fashion creative who collaborated with Nike on her very own sneaker. She stops by 786 Boulevard to talk about sneakers, ethical fashion, starting her own business selling jewellery at Young Never Titi, Muslim entrepreneurship, spirituality and mental health. 3:14 - What are your favorite sneakers right now? 7:38 - What does our footwear say about us? 11:45 - Spending money 15:01 - Wear your fresh kicks to the mosque? 17:54 - Nouri's reminder that he is a freelancer and adjusting his lifestyle 20:05 - Hanan speaks on balancing between god bounty and materialism 25:18 - Ethical side of the fashion industry 31:41 - Hasnain's perspective on ethics in the fashion industry 35:28 - Hanan talks about her experience with Nike and designing her own sneaker 44:29 - Importance of rediscovering oneself? 49:00 - Gemstones and jewelry  54:45 - Hasnain's perspective on jewelry and what does it say about you? 58:46 - Working for yourself and starting your own business 1:04:45 - Hanan's podcast! Check it out! 1:07:42 - Mental health discussion --   786 Boulevard is a podcast by Nouri Sardar, Hasnain Ali and Ali Alvi, who gather Muslims of all kinds to discuss culture, art, spirituality, and how the three intertwine.   We're on the Podcast platforms below - subscribe!   Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3f1svZ0   Anchor: https://anchor.fm/786boulevard   Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3cDTnNf   Check us out on Instagram: @786Boulevard And Twitter: @786Boulevard

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