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034 - Escaping Gaddafi and the No Fly List (Kayem)

av 786 Boulevard | Publicerades 6/27/2021

Kayem is a Libyan-American hip-hop artist. The son of a Libyan political prisoner who helped form a pro-democracy movement for Libya after escaping prison, he was filmed in the docuseries “Sing Freedom” when returning to Libya for the first time after living in exile. Kayem relaunched his career after a three-year hiatus due to US government restrictions. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Complex Mag, the New York Times, and today on 786 Boulevard.  We’ll be discussing his connection to Libya after a lifetime living in exile, the concept of home, building his art form, using art in general to voice resistance and giving a voice to the voiceless, and how his art intertwines with his spirituality.

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