Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3 E17 'All Roads Lead to Gaisy'

As the guests return from the wedding ceremony, the crew tries to cap off a great season with the perfect reception dinner. While Marcos strives to wow the guests with his best meal yet, time is running out and he still has to add the finishing touches on the wedding cake. Daisy puts Ashley in charge of the final dinner service to see if she's finally ready for a promotion. Gary and Scarlett try to savor what little time they have left. Once the guests depart, the crew tries to enjoy one last night together as Gary looks for the perfect stew to end his season with.Below Deck Sailing Yacht S3 E17 - 'All Roads Lead to Gaisy'Follow us on Instagram @marriedtorealitypodFind out more at marriedtorealitypodcast.comContact us at marriedtoreality@gmail.comCurrently covering 90 Day Fiance, Married At First Sight, Below Deck Sailing Yacht See for privacy and opt-out information.

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