Apple TV spatial audio, MagSafe battery pack, iOS 15 beta 3

This week on 9to5Mac Happy Hour, Zac and Benjamin discuss the Spatial Audio and UI updates coming in tvOS 15, adapting to an iPadOS 15 lifestyle, the newly-announced MagSafe Battery Pack, and the latest changes to Safari in iOS 15 beta 3. Sponsored by MacUpdater: Keep all your software up-to-date effortlessly. Download MacUpdater at Get 10% off by using HAPPYHOURQ3 at checkout. Sponsored by ALOGIC: Get 20% off the new ALOGIC DX2 and DX3 Docking Stations now for a limited time and enter the MacBook Air giveaway. Sponsored by Raycon: Get 15% off your order when you go to It's such a good deal you'll want to grab a pair and a spare. Sponsored by Ladder: Go to today to see if you're instantly approved. Follow Zac Hall @apollozac Benjamin Mayo @bzamayo Subscribe Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Listen to more 9to5 Podcasts Stacktrace Alphabet Scoop Electrek The Buzz Podcast Space Explored Enjoy the podcast? Shop Apple at Amazon to support 9to5Mac Happy Hour!

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A weekly podcast discussing the latest in Apple and technology. Hosted by 9to5Mac's Benjamin Mayo and Zac Hall.