Season 6, Episode 8: Finding The Courage To Start Your Own Social Media Page

Which would you rather? Looking back on your life and feeling relieved you didn't follow your dreams for the fear of what others would have thought or feeling the fear and doing it anyway?Follow @acountydownunder on Instagram and TikTok and visit for all you need to know about life abroad .Join Caroline's amazing weekly Sunrise Social clubs across the world.The podcast is proudly sponsored by Gym+Coffee: 20% Discount code: DOWNUNDER

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Dive into candid conversations and genuine insights in the 'A County Down Under' podcast. Join me as I share the highs, lows, and the delightful chaos of everyday life as an expat in Sydney, transitioning from County Down to Down Under. It's a journey filled with relatable chit-chat, reflections on moving abroad, and an authentic look at what it truly means to live life Down Under and how happiness, is not a postcode.This podcast isn't just for expats; it's for everyone, even those who don't live abroad. Stay connected with my adventures and global events on Instagram and TikTok @acountydownunder or explore more at