A Different Tweed: Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave

Sam Ratelle On Styling Billy Porter

av A Different Tweed: Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave | Publicerades 4/24/2020

The stylist Sam Ratelle takes a deep dive into his work with Billy Porter, explaining how the blackvelvet tuxedo dress which Christian Siriano conjured, for the Pose star’s appearance at 2019’s 91st Academy Awards, became the most important outfit that has graced the red carpet in the 21st century. While the look broke the stultifying reign which luxury behemoths have had on thered carpet, Sam discusses why it is vital to support emerging designers. He also reveals how he broke the news to Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, that Billy Porter would portray
Cleopatra at the 2019 Met Gala. But this is not a story of way back then. Or what could have been this year. Sam Ratelle’s rise is
an inspiring parable for our time. He explains how his fashion journey was often traumatic. It has involved escaping the hold of a religious cult, surviving a hit-and-run accident, experiencing
homelessness twice and having to completely start over after the Financial Crisis of 2008. Looking back on his journey, Sam credits the New York LGBTQ shelter, the Ali Forner Center, with helping him get to what seems to be his best ever place.

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