16: Shitlists and Bangers

Host Gemma Gracewood and guests Slim (70mm Podcast), Hannah Woodhead (Little White Lies’ Truth & Movies podcast) and Tim Batt (The Worst Idea Of All Time podcast) gather on the first Catsiversary of Tom Hooper’s mewsical misfire to look back at the so-bad-it’s-good films that got us through 2020, plus: our favorite “5-Bangers” of the year.  Highlights include: Slim’s The New Mutants nightmare, Tim’s 2020 trophies, Hannah’s … Has Fallen spree, Gemma’s mum’s Cats commentary, Kyle McLachlan’s Showgirls stand-in’s very nice ass-cheeks, a Tom Hooper in New Zealand rumor, and the celebrity animals that got us through 2020. Related links The Letterboxd list of all the films mentioned in this episode Hannah’s Catsiversary romp through Letterboxd’s most-loved, lowest-rated films This episode was recorded in Sheffield, Philadelphia and Auckland and edited by Tony Stamp. Our theme music is ‘Vampiros Dancoteque’ by Moniker. Podcast artwork by Ann Davenport. On the next episode: the Letterboxd Year in Review, with a panel of Letterboxd superstars (we usually publish about a week into January, and our episode will follow). Leave a voice message about the very best film you saw in 2020.

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