Four Favorites: Demi Adejuyigbe on I, Tonya, Lady Bird and the true meaning of love

This episode, we do a f—kin’ triple with Demi Adejuyigbe; screenwriter, comedian and, quote, “not a critic”. Demi runs hosts Slim and Gemma through his four Letterboxd favorites: I, Tonya (“every scene is like candy to me”), Ocean’s Eleven (the Soderbergh one), Hot Rod (“the last truly great American goofball comedy”), and Lady Bird (“it literally changed my life”). Plus: the joy of Mary Poppins, the fear of rating movies in public, and the pleasure of watching F9, in costume, with 34 of your closest friends. Related links: The Letterboxd list of films mentioned in this episode Malcolm Campbell, comedy editing legend The Fast and the Furious collection The Jackass collection “The Refined Nothing of Hot Rod” via Bright Wall/Dark Room Malin Åkerman on her figure-skating past Petfurniture’s tweet on the currency of love 70mm Podcast Credits: This episode was recorded in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Auckland and edited by Slim. Theme music: ‘Vampiros Danceoteque’ by Moniker. Transcript by Sophie Shin.

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